About Us.

ODA is an alliance of independent organisation coaches and consultants who share a passion, a professional interest and a great deal of practical hands – on experience, in designing organisations. We come from a variety of backgrounds including Psychology, Law & Business, Engineering, HR, and have been personal friends and professional colleagues for many years. Perhaps more importantly, we also have a wealth of experience as managers and leaders in, for example, sales, production, logistics, administration, education, charities and in the public sector. We have lived with the organisations we have helped to create!

We share common models, approaches and ways of working in organisation design and also in leadership and management development. From our own business’ we also each bring particular areas of expertise to our work as they are needed. Who, how many and at what stage members of the team become involved will depend on the scale, the complexity and the particular demands of the job.

Our clients are diverse, large and small, private and public, from a broad range of sectors, including pharmaceuticals, aerospace, engineering, food and drinks, telecoms, electronics, shipping and 'not for profit' bodies. Our associates are located throughout the UK and we have significant experience operating in Europe and in North America.

We value....

  • Growth
  • Integrity
  • Simplicity
  • Achievement
  • Value