Delivering Benefits

Assignments typically start with an informal meeting where the issues and problems that have been catalysts for change, are discussed. In this open and mutually exploratory environment the organisation starts to understand us and how we work, and vice – versa. After such a meeting we are generally in a position to deliver a proposal for the organisation to consider.

An integrated approach around an agreed set of deliverables is a hallmark of our work and approach to benefits delivery. As organisation coaches and mentors we support workstreams, programme offices, individual managers and teams implementing and impacted by the changes. We work with sponsors and programme leaders, who are accountable for benefit delivery, monitoring a full range of key performance indicators, enabling adjustments to be made when necessary. We find many programmes fail to invest sufficient resources into change at the sharp end - those first line managers and teams who operate equipment, or who are in direct contact with cutomers and who make and take decisions that have an immediate and direct impact on performance. We work with our clients to develop understanding and commitment to change with these groups.

Finally our team approach gives breadth to our expertise in regulatory, legal, cross cultural and HR issues involved in many change programmes.

Benefits based on...

  • Agreed, Clear Deliverables
  • Shared Vision
  • Integrated Approach
  • Engagement Strategy
  • Full Analysis of Current Situation
  • Internal Resource Development
  • Programme Management
  • Focus on Implementation
  • Transferred Learning
  • An Agreed End-Point