Developing Strategy

We regard organisation design as a key component of strategy, an important part of the formula an organisation needs to win. Senior leaders play a critical role in setting direction, defining strategic positions and providing focus for the business operations needed for successful execution.

In our approach to organisation design, strategy is the keystone around which all decisions about design are made.

As organisation coaches we work with leaders and their teams in developing strategy. However, we do not try to tell you what your strategy should be – you are the experts in your business. Our experience and expertise is in facilitating the process by which strategy is created and implemented. As strategists, leaders are expected to be both directive and participative, sufficiently confident and decisive to provide a sense of direction, yet also able to empower others. They must enable emergent learning in the organisation, as the strategy unfolds in practice, but results need to be immediate. They must have a good grasp of the detail but be able to see the bigger picture. Additionally and perhaps most difficult of all, they must have the courage to reconfigure or realign what they have created, if it is not working or conditions change. This includes their organisations, which is why they must be flexible and agile, as well as effective and efficient.


“the keystone around which all decisions about design are made."

Our Focus:

  • Formation
  • Execution
  • Adjustment
  • Realignment