Organisation Change

New strategies and initiatives, including those linked to organisation design, often disappoint – they do not deliver their expected benefits. Researchers (John Kotter is prominent), have found that upto 75% of change programmes do not deliver all of their expected benefits, frustratingly often for reasons that could have been anticipated and prevented. In our approach we distinguish between ‘change’ and ‘transition’.

Change has a planning focus and relates to tangible, observable and measurable differences brought about by deliberately planned and targeted organisation interventions such as changes in structures, processes and ways of working. Transition on the other hand is about winning hearts and minds. It has an engagement focus and involves activities such as visioning, communicating, sensing and listening, to build understanding and ownership. Leadership is key to successful transition; management is key to successful change.

We coach leaders and sponsors, change agents and project managers within the organisation to ensure that their programmes are introduced and implemented sensitively, on time and within budget and lead to delivering the expected benefits.

Reasons for failure

  • Too much complacency
  • Lack of ‘guiding coalition’
  • Underestimating power of Vision
  • Under communicating by 10
  • Blockers
  • Few short term wins
  • Declaring ‘victory’ too soon
  • Not anchoring the culture

(John Kotter)